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Hi there...

Hi, I'm Phil Browne, and my aim is to provide you with less worry and more sleep. For the entirety of my career, I've been an entrepreneurial, creative and innovative business consultant. As a Chartered Accountant, I've worked with many individuals, business, clubs and charities in various stages of their business lives. From start up structures to tax planning and director solvency advice, my creative and knowledgeable approach has provided support and success for my clients.
I am a Fellow Chartered Accountant (40 years), a Chartered Tax Adviser with the Taxation Insititute of Australia (40 years), a Justice of the Peace, a Tax Agent and a Registered Company Auditor.


Speciality Consulting

Business Reviews

With years of experience helping businesses solve problems and operate at their optimum level, we can advise and assist you on many areas of concern, and help you sleep at night.
If you know your business needs a helping hand, but not sure where to start, my team and I can undertake a review to point you in the right direction. We examine your processes, products/services and people and everything in between and make recommendations to keep you in control, and on track with your goals.

Company Directorships

I can act as a Director or Board Member for your business, and provide information, knowledge or expertise to the people who implement the decisions. 

Family Office

With years of experience with familities running businesses, we can provide your family office or business with the set up that will be most appropriate for your objectives. Being in control and knowing that your infrastructure is solid will help you get the most shut eye you can.

Business Sale and Purchase

Selling or buying a business is a complex and detailed project that requires sound advice to get you the best deal. Ensuring the project is managed efficiently and with attention to detail is vital for success. our skills will make this a smooth and thorough process giving you confidence and support and allowing you to rest easy.

Finance Applications

Financing applications can be daunting and discombobulating, not to mention revealing. I can assist you to prepare finance applications in a timely and effective manner, so you can focus on planning for the next steps for your business.

This area is becoming a big issue for 2020 as lenders adapt to the Banking Royal Commision, and I can offer alternative to the common path.

Voluntary Liquidations and Estate Tax Planning

We undertake strike offs or voluntary liqudiations when a company has ended its business. We plan for any unused franking credits, and provide a fully informed and smooth process.

We provide tax advice to families and then legal advisers on pre and post estate planning.



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