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Hi, I'm Phil Browne, and my aim is to provide you with less worry and more sleep. For the entirety of my career, I've been an entrepreneurial, creative and innovative business consultant. As a Chartered Tax Advisor, I've worked with many individuals and companies in various stages of their business lives. From start up structures to tax planning and solvency advice, my creative and knowledgeable approach has provided support and success for my clients.
I am a Chartered Tax Advisor with the Taxation Institute of Australia (40 years),  and a Tax Agent.


Speciality Consulting

Business Restructure and Process Reviews

With years of experience helping businesses solve problems and operate at their optimum level, we can advise you on all aspects of your business' operations, and help you sleep at night.
If you know your business needs a helping hand, but not sure where to start, my team and I can undertake a review to prepare a plan of action and support in execution. We examine your structure for tax optimisation, process efficiencies, service offering, management reporting and much more. Our recommendations will keep you in control, confident and proactive.

Business Ready for Sale

Selling a business can be an overwhleming process that requires detailed and complex preparation and sound advice to get you the best deal.

Our strategic and structured sales process will make your business look its best, and all your hardwork and input will be recognised. We will take steps to make you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process.

We have worked with varying industries, including health professionals, heritage companies, hospitality, finance/accounting and retail.

Tax Audits and Reviews

Are you or your business undergoing an ATO Audit or Review? We've helped clients in this situation with proven results, and we're here to help you with this process.

We support you with:

  • Income Tax and GST Audits

  • Risk Assurance Review

  • Voluntary Disclosure (Div 7A etc)

  • Early Involvement

  • Achieving justified trust from the ATO

Expert Tax Advisor to Solicitors

With 40 years of experience providing tax advice, I can advise solicitors on many areas; In particular, Capital Gains Tax and GST, and other tricky tax questions.

Estate Tax Planning

We provide tax advice to families and their legal advisers on pre and post estate planning, and look after the compliance work required.


Incoming/Outgoing Tax Residency Advice

Moving to a new country will always throw a range of complex tax rules and decisions your way. It is important and proactive to be prepared and get the right advice before you make any significant life changes, including where you live. The penalties and taxes can be high if you are not fuly across your obligations.

We have experience working with residency changes and can ensure you are fully prepared and compliant before, after and during your move.

Proxy Shareholder for private company minority

Is your shareholding confusing and complex? Do you feel unsupported in the decisions you need to make, and making sense of the complex nature of the business.

At Browne&Co we can act as a proxy shareholder, and assist you to make sense of all the information you are being given. With an adviser who understands the complexities of tax and business, we will help you through, and support you to have the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.


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