BuddyHQ - Tax Refunds

Working Holiday Makers, Students and Other Visa Holders 

BuddyHQ is a division of Busicare Pty Limited. We are Registered Tax Agents and prepare tax returns for working holiday makers, students and other visa holders in Australia.

As a result of legislative changes in 2017 and a number of leading taxation cases in 2019 and 2020 these tax returns have become difficult and time consuming.

If you would like assistance or have a question please email Lucie on lucie@browne.com.au

Taxation Services (gst may be applicable, and will be added)

Tax return - $475 per return

Amended Tax Return - $250 per hour

Objection - $250 per hour


Correspondence e.g. with ATO

Simple - $100

Complex - $250 per hour


Payments/Refund Transfers

Local Australian bank account = Nil

Overseas bank account = $55 


Trust account mangement fee

Monthly fee after first month = hourly rates based on time spent

Minimum $50


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